Eyelash Extensions

Once upon a time, fake eyelashes were not so much a fairy tale, but a messy, somewhat disappointing option for adding glamour to your eyes and elongating your lashes, oh how times have changed... Now you can have your happily every after every day.

Eyelash extensions are individual synthetic, mink or silk lashes, bonded to each of your own natural eyelashes with a medical grade adhesive, providing you with up to 6 weeks of gorgeous, thick, long seductive eyelashes that, as long as you don't confess your secret, you can claim as your very own!!

Who isn't wearing them... Charlie, from home and away is the first celeb that comes to mind, but you would be hard pressed to find one who isn't flashing around a set of eyelash extensions these days. Our clients range from hairdressers, housewives and house cleaners to doctors, dentists and Dairy farm workers (seriously)... The latest trend in Hollywood is Mink fur lashes, made famous by the likes of Jennifer love Hewitt, Jennifer Lopez and Madonna.

Each individual lash is meticulously adhered to an individual natural lash.  We use a black medical grade adhesive which once applied, appears to form part of your natural lash.  We do have sensitive glue available if you have sensitive eyes.

The procedure can take between 45 and 90 minutes, depending on the set of lashes chosen.  This will also depend on the number of natural lashes you have, as many of our sets are based on an extension per eyelash, so lash volume can play a role in the length of your appt.

Each set of extensions has the potential to last up to six weeks (seven if you listen to the glue manufacturer), however you will find that synthetic/silk lashes will require an infill at 2-3 weeks and Mink fur every 3-4 weeks.  During the very hot and humid months of the year, we suggest sticking to 3 week infils as the humidity plays havock with the glue.  So many factors can effect and reduce the life of your lashes, we cover the in your after care instructions to ensure your lashes last as long as possible.  some quick tips include

- trying to sleep on your back so the side lashes are not crushed on your pillow at night
- Avoid oil and oily products around the eye area
- Avoid excess swimming in the ocean, which contains a lot of natural oils and salt, which effect the glue
- Excess steam and heat will shorten the life of your lashes, it is for this reason we suggest you avoid all house work... ok, well maybe not, but certainly make sure you're head is not directly above the oven or dishwasher doors when opening them.
- Don't wear oily mascaras and eyeliners, not only do they effect the glue, but they also make it nearly impossible to infil your lashes, rendering you liable for a whole new set, and that can get expensive.  We sell a brilliant eyelash extension safe mascara in our salons.

I wouldn't advise it, from personal experience I can tell you, it stings the cr*p out of your eyes if you do :-)

You must take care not to pull on the eyelash extensions to ensure natural lashes are not removed along with an extension.  Extended use of acrylic or silk lashes can diminish the quality and quantity of your lashes and a short break is suggested every few months.  You can however avoid this from occurring by choosing mink fur lashes, as the lighter fibre is gentler to your natural lashes and therefore does not cause damage.

We've recently taken the step to remove acrylic/silk from our menu completely and focus on ensuring optimal lash health for our clients by excludively offering mink fur.

  • Keep lashes dry and away from heat for 24 hours
  • Use oil free make up remover
  • Do not lint, perm or curl extensions with a a clamp curler
  • Heated eyelash curlers are safe to use
  • Do not over comb your extensions
  • Do not use mascara.  Mascara can be applied to lower lashes
  • Avoid rubbing, pulling and playing with your extensions
  • Do not rub your face with a towel, instead gently blot and allow lashes to dry naturally
  • Do not attempt to blow dry your lashes
  • Eye creams, eyeliner and eyeshadown can still be used