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Tuesday, 03 July 2012 19:38

Thank you, thank you, thank you...

Written by Katrina Beckett
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Last year we were named the best beauty business in the Pine Rivers Press/ North Lakes Times region of the Quest Business Awards, this year we are so pleased to announce that we are now a finalist in all three of the Quest Brusiness Award regions we reside in... Pine Rivers Press/North Lakes Times (North Lakes), Westside News (Paddington) and City News (New Farm)!!  Without our wonderful clients and supporters, we would be little more than tweezers, glue and lashes, so tonight I send out a huge thank you to each and everyone of you who voted, here's to hoping we can take out the award in all three regions!

While we did not want to offer a reward in exchange for votes during the voting process, we are eternally grateful that you took the time and effort to help us reach this stage, so to say thank you, we would like to offer you all $50 LASH CASH off any full priced set of lashes during July... Simply use the code: QUEST when booking to take advantage of this fabulous offer!!!

Now, please join me in crossing your fingers and your toes for us over the coming months as we nervously await the news of each award :)

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This salon feels like it has been three years in the making, the beautiful city that holds my heart after living there for 8 years is the new home of our latest LASH ME Eyelash Extension salon.  Perfectly placed in Sydney's bustling CBD, in the same building as Chanel, next door to Bvlgari, a block from Gucci and a hop skip and a sparkle from Tiffany & Co... our ninth floor view fest will be ready to lash the gorgeous girls of Sydney from July 3rd.

I will update this article on opening day with images of our new Sydney Gem and look forward to visiting the salon on a regular basis, strickly for business reason of course ;-)

Kiss Kiss

Kat x

Saturday, 28 April 2012 16:19

St Kilda, I'll have my heart back thanks...

Written by Katrina Beckett
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I write to you today from Melbourne, surprisingly sunny and just a little on the chilly side, I just can't express what an amazing few days I've had down here chatting with the locals, discovering the best little finds while I'm suppose to just be slipping out for a bottle of water and chatting to local business owners around our new St Kilda store.

I have to admit, I thought I was a Sydney girl (although Brisbane born and bred), but upon my seventh trip to Melbourne, I am open to being converted.  The culture is just incredible and diverse, the food is out of this world and I want to adopt every client who walks through the door as my new mum/sister/bestie... Melbourne, you're playing with my heart!

Our St Kilda store is bustling, bursting at the seams some might say, we're booked approx 3 weeks in advance, with the odd availability here and there.  Clients wander in after finding that illusive carpark heading up the hill on Barkley street or in the very 'colourful' Greaves street and walk into our warm little salon to wait for their turn.  They're greeted by a lashette who is a mix between Jessica Rabbit and Poison Ivy, I'm not kidding, this girl is gorgeous... it is only topped by her energy, and I thought I was bubbly!!  Hannah is the salon manager in St Kilda and between her and Melbourne's natural charm, I can't help but LOVE this little salon, can't wait to come back soon, thanks for having me

Kiss kiss, Kat x

Saturday, 24 March 2012 11:05

2012 - Year of the Dragon's lash?

Written by Katrina Beckett
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2012 is proving to be a very busy and exciting year for LASH ME with changes, improvements and new additions aplenty!

2012 - Year of the Dragon's lash??

We're so pleased to announce that LASH ME Eyelash Extensions opened it's first interstate salon on Tuesday the 13th of March at 6 Inkerman Street, St  Kilda.  The salon, which has been open for two weeks now is developing an incredible following, this can be attributed to the unique offering of reasonably price mink fur extensions to the Melbourne market, convenient location, quality product and incredibly talented lash extension technicians and brow artists.

You can book into any one of our four salons, across two states by calling just one number, 1300 LASH ME (527 463) and best of all, Tuesday to Friday, we have a dedicated receptionist available to take and return your calls.

You read correctly, we have decided to ditch synthetic lashes... While acrylic lashes can be dramatic, gorgeous and glamourous for big events, continued use causes serious damage to your natural lashes, so we have decided that moving forward we can no longer offer a product that we wouldn't have applied to our own eyes.

Mink fur causes minimal damage due to the light weight nature of the fibre while mimicking the movement of your natural lashes... 95% of our clients have mink fur applied and they are more commonly complimented on how long their natural lashes are, NOT asked where they have their extensions applied.

We have a special offer to compliment this announcment, details below

Current acrylic clients
We will remove your acrylics and replace them for the price of an infil at your next appointment! $200 value for $75!!

Currently wearing NON-LASH ME Acrylics
Book in with LASH ME and we will remove your acrylics and replace them with a full set of mink fur for $100! valued at $200

Mention this announcement and we will apply a full set of mink fur lashes valued at $170 for the price of acrylics! Just $130!!

all offers valid until April 30th, call 1300 LASH ME to book ♥

We have welcomed four new staff, welcomed one back to the team and said goodbye to two special ladies (one just temporarily). 

Amanda, who left us at the end of 2011 decided to come back and join us for a few months to get our new St Kilda salon up and running.  We're so pleased to have her talented tweezers back on board, welcome back Mana.  Taryn has joined our team to fill the void left by Amanda (see above) at the end of last year and joins Hannah over in our Paddington salon.

Lucinda has left us for a few months to go and have her bouncing baby boy, but is looking forward to rejoining us in 4-6 months... look out for the pictures of the new baby on our fan page (  Michelle has joined our team to replace Lucinda (but we're not letting her get away after Lucinda's maternity leave, because she's awesome).  Michelle is a hairdresser who is currently studying psychology and thought she's practise on clients ... lol.. kidding!  kinda ;-)

And finally our new full time Receptionist, Angela, who was unfortuantely caught in the recent collapse of Air Australia, has come on board to replace Rebecca who has decided to chase her passion for photography, however she is still on hand to make sure we have beautiful images for our website.

We're not ever three months into the year and already so much has happened, imagine what we're going to have achieved by 2013... Look out world!!!!

Wednesday, 21 September 2011 19:11

Calling all Mascara lovers

Written by Katrina Beckett
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Not sure about eyelash extensions, but not getting enough impact from your monthly eyelash tint?

Find that Australia's humid climate drives your mascara half way down your face by lunch time?

Cry Baby, the original semi permanent mascara could be the answer to all of your prayers.  Cry Baby Semi-Permanent Mascara is a procedure that curls and coats lashes with Cry Baby's proprietary lash coating. This coating adds volume, length, curl and color to lashes, is 100% waterproof/ smear-proof and lasts two weeks, often longer. It’s ideal for active lifestyles as well as special events like weddings and vacations. Better still, it’s professionally applied by our technicians in as little as half an hour, even less if we're just coating the bottom lashes to compliment your eyelash extensions.

LASH ME specialise in eyes, and as one of the first to be offering this amazing product in Australia, we've taken our commitment to your eye health one step further than other local salons by ensuring that we have two lashettes certified in the application of Cry Baby Mascara in each of our salons.  You can rest assured that you are in good hands when you book in for this exciting new service with LASH ME Eyelash Extensions. 

How long will CryBaby Mascara last?

With proper care, CryBaby Mascara will last 2 weeks or longer. For one-time special occasions, CryBaby will slowly wear off the natural lash over a 2 to 3 week period.

How thick will CryBaby Mascara make lashes?

Typically CryBaby Mascara will thicken natural lashes 30 to 50%. It is designed to make lashes thicker, fuller, and longer like mascara, but it is also water-proof, smear-proof and lasts much longer.

How long will CryBaby Mascara make lashes?

On average, CryBaby Mascara can make lashes look 20% to 50% longer.

How is CryBaby Mascara maintained?

Although some people get CryBaby Mascara for a special occasion or vacation, most love the look so much that they chose to maintain it. Reapplication on a two week basis keeps the lashes looking fresh and new.

How soon before an event should CryBaby Mascara be applied?

CryBaby Mascara can be applied the day of a special event; however, we suggest having it applied 4 hours prior. This ensures accurate curing time for the mascara and the freshest possible look for the lashes.

Can regular Mascara be used over CryBaby Mascara?

Regular mascara will not need to be used with CryBaby Mascara. As CryBaby wears off, washable mascara can be worn. Petroleum based mascaras can break down CryBaby and shorten its life. Mascara used with CryBaby should be water-washable; although after several applications over CryBaby, it can get thick, clumpy and dull. CryBaby Nutritional Volume Mascara is the best bet.

Can regular cleanser be used to remove make up?

Because cleansers are usually very emollient, we don’t recommend them for the eyelashes. Instead we recommend an oil free makeup remover. Keeping eyes clean is essential. Face and eye area should be washed and cleaned daily. Eye creams and moisturizers for the skin are fine, but keep them off lashes.

Can CryBaby Mascara pull natural eyelashes off?

No. Eyelashes should not be picked, pulled, or rubbed. Gently blot them dry after a shower or swim. An eyelash may come off if treated roughly. Treat lashes with respect and be gentle with them. The gentler CryBaby Mascara is treated, the longer it will last. If picking or pulling is a problem for a client, we do not recommend CryBaby Mascara.

How will sleeping affect CryBaby lashes?

CryBaby is very flexible, so if lashes get misshapen during sleep, warm water or a shower will bounce them back into shape. Sleeping with a pillow or blanket over the head may affect the longevity of CryBaby Mascara. Side sleepers may notice that the eye on the side they sleep on wears a little more than the other side.

If you have further questions, would like to book in for this new service or add it on to your current scheduled appointment, check out the Cry Baby website or call your local salon to speak with one of our qualified therapists.

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