Saturday, 28 April 2012 16:19

St Kilda, I'll have my heart back thanks...

I write to you today from Melbourne, surprisingly sunny and just a little on the chilly side, I just can't express what an amazing few days I've had down here chatting with the locals, discovering the best little finds while I'm suppose to just be slipping out for a bottle of water and chatting to local business owners around our new St Kilda store.

I have to admit, I thought I was a Sydney girl (although Brisbane born and bred), but upon my seventh trip to Melbourne, I am open to being converted.  The culture is just incredible and diverse, the food is out of this world and I want to adopt every client who walks through the door as my new mum/sister/bestie... Melbourne, you're playing with my heart!

Our St Kilda store is bustling, bursting at the seams some might say, we're booked approx 3 weeks in advance, with the odd availability here and there.  Clients wander in after finding that illusive carpark heading up the hill on Barkley street or in the very 'colourful' Greaves street and walk into our warm little salon to wait for their turn.  They're greeted by a lashette who is a mix between Jessica Rabbit and Poison Ivy, I'm not kidding, this girl is gorgeous... it is only topped by her energy, and I thought I was bubbly!!  Hannah is the salon manager in St Kilda and between her and Melbourne's natural charm, I can't help but LOVE this little salon, can't wait to come back soon, thanks for having me

Kiss kiss, Kat x

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Saturday, 10 July 2010 12:18

How do I maintain my tan?

  1. Keep yourself dry and avoid excessive perspiration (great excuse for missing the gym) until you shower the solution off
  2. You will not see a lot of colour when you shower, all of our solutions have a short wear time and can be rinsed off after 2 hours.  When you rinse the tan off, try and keep the shower short and the water tepid.  Do not use soap/body wash during this initial shower (or moisturiser after) as the tan continues to process for the next 8 hours. 
  3. Have your shower as normal that night/the next morning using soap/body wash.
  4. MOISTURISE!!  It is so very important that you moisturise daily, this ensures that your tan does not wear off in a flaky or patchy manner and keeps the colour fresher for longer.
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