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Thursday, 17 May 2012 23:02

My 'web guy' is a friggen nazi

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I started out blogging on wordpress, but i was quickly scolded and 'moved' to a better address.. MY WEBSITE ADDRESS!!!!

So this blog isn't actually about lashes, just that if you need a website for your business and someone to keep you on track when you're headed in the wrong direction (and it would seem wordpress was the wrong direction) check out mark from Marathon Software... he really is a gem!!

ps Imma gunna get in trouble for not including an image or tags... just you wait...

Saturday, 12 May 2012 11:01

6 signs you are an eyelash extension addict

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  1. You consciously make an effort to sleep on your back instead of face planting your pillow
  2. You are willing to give up the solarium (lets face it, this isn’t a bad thing), steam room and your favourite liquid eyeliner
  3. You actually contemplate giving up your blonde hair maintenance schedule to budget for your infils
  4. You get your reading and sunglasses adjusted slightly to allow for your extensions
  5. You have given up your ten year relationship with your nail technician in favour of your eyelash extension technician
  6. You do this to avoid getting your lashes wet in the 24 hours after application
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