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Tuesday, 27 August 2013 12:25

I think I'm allergic to the glue you use...?

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This is becoming quite a common misconception by long term extension wearers, even clients who have been visiting our salons for years... but glue reactions usually occur almost immediately after lash application, are very uncommon and we haven't changed adhesive or lash products in over two years, so we started to investigate what may be causing this to occur...

One of the scariest things we hear from clients is that they do not wash, and in some extreme cases, WET, their lashes... AT ALL.  

The natural function of our eyelashes is to protect our eyes by catching and trapping pollen, dust and other allergens that threaten that area, so having extensions applied is like super sizing that function, that is why keeping those little super filters clean should be of utmost priority to extension wearers.  When you don't keep them clean, you run the risk of developing Blepharitis.


Ewww What is Blepharitis

This scary sounding medical condition that can develop from an overload of bacteria around the eyes, it could be caused by a lot of things including lack of eye hygiene, using a lot of makeup and not removing it correctly or from using products that are not meant to be used on the eye area and thus upsetting the delicate balance of the skin in that area. It could also be a sign of an allergy to a new shampoo/cleanser/product.

When you wear eyelash extensions and have this issue, it is generally that the eyes have not been washed properly and the build-up of dust, dirt, pollen and makeup have caused bacteria to flourish.

It is up to you if you choose to remove your lashes while you treat this condition, it will make the treatment slightly easier for you if you do, but can definitely be treated with a bit of extra care with extensions still on. If you choose to remove, you are free to replace your extensions when your eye area is calm and clear of problems.


What does it look like?

Blepharitis can look like dry skin, or flaking on the eyelid and along the lash line.  It can also involve redness or itchiness and very mild swelling from you scratching the itch.  You may have one of these symptoms or a combination of them.

It is very important to resist rubbing or itching the affected area.  You can make it worse by irritating an area that is already sensitive, or even accidentally scratch the skin with your nails and cause a wound.



Apply warm (not hot) compresses to the eye area to help soften any dry, flaking skin and to encourage the pores to open so they can be cleaned properly of any blockages. Use a clean wash cloth or a cotton pad for this, soak in the warm water, wring out and then hold on the area for a few minutes. You can do this morning and night, or more often if you like.

After the compress, mix one part baby shampoo to ten parts water (one or two drops shampoo in a half cup of  warm water should do it) then using cotton tips gently clean around the lash line on the top and also the bottom lashes, avoiding getting any in your eyes.

Rinse clean with cool water and pat gently dry. You may wish to apply a tiny bit of plain cream suitable for eczema/psoriasis (for example brands like egoderm or QV) on the eyelid to help relieve any itching or dryness on the skin. Avoid getting too close to the lash line, you do not want the cream too close to your eye. You may like to apply the cream with a cotton tip to make it easier not to go too overboard with the amount of cream.

For any itching, swelling or discomfort you can try a non-drowsy antihistamine tablet to relieve these symptoms.

Once your symptoms have cleared, it’s a good idea to keep up with a gentle lash cleansing routine. Lash care co foaming facial cleanser is safe to use around your extensions and eye area, and is gentle enough not to irritate whilst keeping your eye area clean and healthy.  Wash your eyes specifically daily to remove any dirt, dust and makeup that may have built up to avoid further issues with bacteria.

Please note that this advice is of a general nature only.  If you are concerned about your condition please see a pharmacist, doctor or a dermatologist for specific advice for your condition.

Tuesday, 16 July 2013 17:11

How to find a good Eyelash Technician

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Comparing eyelash extension services against one another can be as fruitless (love a good pun) as comparing apples to oranges, hopefully the information below can make this less of a challenge:

Questions you need to ask to ensure you're getting quality for your money and the product/service you are paying for include:

How much?
The answer to this question should prompt you to ask further questions to ensure value for money, while the old addage 'you get what you pay for' is easier said than done for many people, as with purchasing a beautiful pair of shoes, if you apply the cost per wear theory, it makes for an 'investment' rather than an expense (sure can pass this article on to the hubby).  So remember that basing your choice soley on this question could be a poor choice.

How many extensions per eye are being applied?
While LASH ME Eyelash Extensions consider a full set to be one extension on every natural lash, totalling between 70 and 120 LPE (lashes per eye), many salons apply between 50-60 LPE and they too label this a full set, so it is really important to delve into how many lashes you receive during your application. Our half set (one extension on every second lash, ultimately 50-60 LPE) is similar to a full set applied by other salons.

What type of lashes are being applied?
There are so many different extension types available on the market these days that you'd be excused for having no clue what material your extension are made from and unless you know to ask, many salons wont offer up this information, they'll just go about applying the extension type that they use.  I hesitate to write a description of each lash type below because I have a particular bias towards natural fibres that reduce the damage caused to natural lashes, so I am just going to list them in my order of preference (least to most favourite)... Clump lashes/knot lashes, acrylic, silk, faux mink, cheveux (human hair) and mink fur.   You may also hear terms like: minkies, coloured lashes, w lashes, y lashes, rapid lashes, xtreme lashes, graft-a-lash, v lashes, crescent lashes... these are all different styles of acrylic lashes... confused yet?

At LASH ME we choose only to stock cheveux (human hair) and mink fur extensions as they ensure optimal lash health and incredibly good looking extensions.

How experienced is the technician who will be applying my extensions?
'Everyone has to start somewhere'... never a truer word was spoken, however it is really important that if you are using an inexperienced technician that a. you're not paying full price and b. they are under the strict supervision of someone far more experienced than them.  Ask as many questions as you like to determine the experience and skill level of the person who will be using super sharp tools and medical grade glue approx 5mm from your eyeball.

Do you offer a guarantee on your work?
We offer a one week fix up to guarantee our work and to ensure that after care instructions have been understood and carried out, we think this is an important part of our service.  This question will just put your mind at ease that no matter how they answer the first question (price) that you are not going to regret your investment a few days after your appointment.

We don't price match because it is hard to compete against salons who advertise 'mink lashes at $69' because ultimately, the hidden fine print is that they only apply 40-50 LPE, the mink is in fact faux mink (acrylic fashioned to look like mink fur) and their technician is most probably not a specialist in eyelash extensions.  So I am hoping that this article will provide consumers with a platform to perform enough research to find the best possible experience that will begin a lifelong love affair with their eyelash extensions.

You should get a real sense of the professionalism and service that you're likely to receive by having a quality discussion like this with your potential service provider and there is nothing like peace of mind before spending a lot of time and money on a treatment that has so many variables and possible outcomes.

Lashing you with Regards

Kat x


But there is no reason for them to be enemies!!

The simple after care instructions for eyelash extensions become a little bit harder to navigate when you're considering the scheduling of other beauty treatments.  For example, you can't have a spray tan directly before your lashes are applied because the under eye pad used during the application of eyelash extensions will leave you looking particularly panda-esk plus the tanning solution leaves a residue that prevents the lash glue from adhering properly.  Now you can have a spray tan directly after your extensions are applied, but as your tan will be due to be rinsed off 2-8 hours later, that is 14-22 hours short of how long you have to keep your lashes dry for... confused yet?  I told you it was hard to navigate!!

The one treatment that I indulged in over the weekend that has the potential to go really wrong for extension wearers is a facial, so I have some tips on how you can still relax into a relaxing and beneficial facial without worrying about your lashes falling off:

1. Communicate with your therapist:  If you are having your lashes applied by a good technician, your therapist may not even know you have extensions, so don't assume they have noticed or that they know how to care for your extensions during your facial.

2. Oil:  Chances are the skin care range the salon uses will contain oils of some kind, so simply ask your therapist to avoid your eye area (brow bone to the top of your cheek bone) when using these formulations.

3. Steam:  Many facials use a facial steamer as part of the treatment, this opens the pores to give a deep cleansing action.  Generally it is not recommended if you have sensitive skin or skin that is prone to broken capiliaries and definitely a big no no when you have eyelash extensions.

4. Excessive heat:  During my facial on Saturday, I had thought to mention the steam and the oil, but it wasn't until that hot towel was being wrapped around my face to remove my mask that I had a mini heart attack... NOOOO, NO HEAT ON MY LASHES!!!  So just one more thing to mention to your therapist, 'wrap me up, but avoid my eyes please'

5. Skin care: While we will look after your lash health, your beauty therapist is the best person to discuss your individual skin care needs, just make sure that the skin care they recommend for your eye area is oil free and avoid using cleansers containing oil in the shower (as they will wash the oil based product through through lashes).  If you wear eye makeup and want to be completely sure your skin care range is oil and aha free, check out The LASH CARE Co. range in our salons.

So you can have your cake and eat it too, just remember these five simple rules and you will have glowing skin, gorgeous lashes and almost no need to apply a lick of makeup.

This blog is essentially about lashes, right?  Well to be perfectly honest I can't say unequivically that it will always be about lashes, because as the subtext suggests, I like a good rant ;-)

I am Katrina, the founder, sole director and operator of LASH ME Eyelash Extensions.  I am a single mother of two gorgeous little men, I have four salons operating across two states (Noosa joining us in less than two weeks will make five locations) and I work my ASS off to make my life work.  So when I booked in to have a two hour pamper package today at Beautiful You in Margate, I suspected that i wouldn't actually ever make it.  Boy am I glad i did...

I slid in the (wrong) door at 12.37pm... does seven minutes make you late?  yeah yeah, i know the answer!! I was greeted by Tailor who explained she would be looking after me today (I REALLY wanted to poach her, but I think Toni would have my backside if I tried)... I was lead to a seperate alcove from the rest of the salon to sit and talk about what would happen during the next two hours... 

I have been to five star day spa's in the past, including Sydney's Observatory Day Spa, but I have to tell you, today surpassed all previous expereiences... I was treated to a full body sugar scrub, 20 minute spa, full body massage, moisturising body wrap, scalp massage and a cheeky facial that I added on to the pakcage for an extra $50... 2 hours being pampered is like an entire day in mum-time!!  After i had dressed and meandered back out to the seperate spa area lounge room, i was given herbal tea and a cold glass of water... nothing was rushed, everything was perfect, tailor was simply divine!!

The softness of my skin resembles that of my 10 month old son!!

I haven't even gotten to the best bit yet!  The gorgeous owner of Beautiful You has a special offer just for LASH ME fans and clients... mention this blog post when booking your very own 2 hour spa experience and instead of paying $240, you'll pay just $150

Now you have no excuse not to treat yourself <3
(07) 3284 6463 

ps spelling and gramma mistakes are due to overly relaxed arm and finger muscles ;-)

Wednesday, 30 May 2012 22:19

Want to know what makes me sad?

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This blog started off long, but as they say, a picture paints a thousand words... this client was poached from our facebook page by a far less skilled and inexperienced lash person (can't bring myself to call her a technician) and this is the state of her lashes for the experience... 

Long story made short... unless you think you can service our clients to the same standard, please leave their lash health in our experienced hands (and tweezers)

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